Garden Transformations

A popular service provided by Elegant Landscaping and Design is the garden or landscape transformation. This is the full garden blitz without the need for major landscape constructions. This service is not restricted to gardens only, you may like to make-over your family backyard, update your courtyard or change a front yard or entry.

As part of the service, Elegant Landscaping and Design will arrange a consultation to discuss the options for your completed landscape and any design visions you may have. We can also provide design ideas for your consideration.

Garden Transformations can involve the following activities:

  • Basic design of your garden space or landscape to determine the best points of your existing garden from which to develop a new fresh look.
  • Removal of old worn out plants and installation of new plants and species which meet the agreed garden vision.
  • Installation and establishment of new lawns.
  • Pruning, fertilising and maintenance to revitalize existing plants.
  • Lawn edging, mowing, and a general tidy up of paved or concrete spaces.
  • Improvements to existing garden beds or installation of new.
  • Minor construction works.
  • Irrigation ideas.
  • Feature ideas (sculptures, garden art, water features etc).
  • As seen on popular television shows, your fresh ideas can be applied to any space!

If your backyard or garden is in need of a freshen up, this option is the one for you.

Look at our landscape design pages for some inspirational ideas.

Keep this option in mind for:

  • Makeover of your personal outdoor living spaces.
  • Maximising natural light, floristic qualities and added privacy.
  • Full tidy-up and/or makeover for rental properties.
  • Liven-up outdoor spaces before selling your house…add value and additional appeal.
  • Revitalise gardens and refresh outdoor spaces for parties or special occasions.
  • Or, simply treat yourself to a transformed garden and a fresh new look.