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Offering the complete landscape package, Elegant Landscaping and Design provides full services in landscape and garden design, landscape construction, garden maintenance and professional plant care. We are specialists in creating gardens and outdoor living areas to suit your lifestyle. From large vineyard estates to contemporary courtyards, each project is designed individually to establish a unique and practical solution and a seamless transition from house to garden.

View inside our website to see a range of services that Elegant Landscaping and Design provides including:

  • Garden maintenance for suburban gardens
  • Grounds maintenance for estates, rural properties and vineyards
  • Individual and distinctive landscape designs
  • Intimate courtyards
  • Attractive entries
  • French provincial gardens
  • Native landscapes
  • Sustainable garden options
  • Family gardens
  • Contemporary, classic and elegant
  • solutions

Best of all, we provide these services at very reasonable rates!


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